Bret Mosley

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BRET MOSLEY has toured tirelessly across the U.S.—200+ dates per year—for most of the past decade. His unreservedly original, deeply authentic sound has garnered an audience ranging from cowhands to bankers, from rastas to cops. Before releasing first record, Mosley played on NYC subway platforms for 10 years, where a fan once said his sound was was “dead center between Hank Williams, Sr. and The Ohio Players”.

Rarely could an artist be said to transcend, yet include, the most raw and real elements of hill country blues, roots rock, folk, soul and funk. Nevertheless—with bone-deep authenticity—that’s exactly what Bret Mosley does, wrestling deftly with longing, belonging, and world-weariness...on the way home to hope & grace...[see full press kit]

Austin, TX

“As if he was sent to summon a message to the people, Bret slapped and slid his way across his resonator guitar with a fiery, authentic performance that has since impacted my perceptions of what a live show should be.”
- The Music Initiative

“...breaks out roots and Americana with a pop singer-songwriter flair.”
- TimeOut, New York

“…extraordinary sense of rhythm and a razor-sharp tongue…”
- PopMatters

"...a dangerous, haunting tonal quality that brings to mind the late Chris Whitley..."
- Columbia Free Times

“…as if Van Morrison had come from a sharecroppers’ farm.”
- Americana UK

“ of greatest songwriters I've met in a long time.”
- Jerry Joseph, Jambase

Bret plays amp-haus effects pedals and Rocky Mountain Slides and Carr amplifiers.

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